Events in Zürs Lech am Arlberg

The "White Ring" – The Race

16.01.2020, Lech Zürs, Weisser Ring, Rüfikopf & Schlegelkopf

The "White Ring" – The Speed Race is an absolute highlight in the Arlberg region in January. In the lead-up to the "White Ring", athletes may improve their race number by gaining points on speed. The ideal setup for a thrilling competition, which is not about time, but rather about speed!
Imagine standing at the start line, a steep slope ahead of you – groomed as it may be, you still have to overcome your inner demons to hurtle yourself straight down! Your pulse is racing, every fibre of your body is poised for the starting signal. You shift your weight to the front and really push yourself off to gather as much speed as possible right from the start. Your skis keep pointing down towards the valley, and you have to rely on all your skiing skills to remain in a stable, aerodynamic position. From the corner of your eyes, you can see the other racers, fans and spectators go past in a blur, barely hearing their cheers under your helmet. And then, before you know it, it’s all over and you have crossed the finishing line. You can't take your eyes off the display board, where your performance will be evaluated any second now. In the meantime, your teammates have gathered round you, all of them desperate to find out who in the team will have the best result. And then all you can hear are deafening cheers…
Unforgettable moments that allow you to compete with colleagues, friends and athletes from all over the world; moments that only the White Ring speed race offers. Go on – you know you want to.

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