Events in Zürs Lech am Arlberg

Women's prograssion days by Lorraine Huber

09.01.2020, Lech

Since 2008, professional freerider Lorraine Huber with great success at Freeride annual camps for women. Due to popular demand, the program will be expanded in 2020 to four groups and three days. In collaboration with the best Skiführerinnen while also freeriders am Arlberg and in cooperation with Blue Tomato, Lorraine Huber organized a freeride camp in a class in Lech am Arlberg for ambitious freeriders. I am particularly pleased that applications for snowboarders are open for the first time.

The Women’s progression Days team consists of a sedentary am Arlberg group of extraordinary women who have turned their passion for the mountains to the profession. All four guides the Women’s progression Days have not only multiple winners podiums at international freeride competitions in the bag, but can draw as active, certified Skiführerinnen on a lot of experience with performing groups in the area. In this camp their knowledge, their skills, their experience and their passion is to be distributed to the participants.

The Arlberg is without a doubt one of the best freeride areas in the Alps. The above-average amounts of snow and endless opportunities to draw his footprints in the snow characterize the Arlberg. With short ascents easy to get at his expense and the site is presented as playful and varied. There is a little of everything: long, open deep snow slopes, steep sections, Treeskiing, Cliff drops, Pillows … oh freeride heart what more do you want?

Together with the local guides the Women’s progression Days will you three days to discover the best freeride spots of the Arlberg. Program focuses also on improving personal freeride technology, secure moving in alpine terrain, as well as the correct handling of the avalanche emergency equipment. The program content is taught for loose manner throughout the day on the mountain.

If you’ve never been on the road in an all-female group, we can already tell you that you are the ideal environment to learn and experience new things to have fun going.

Improve your cycling technique in the field, try things and practice to which you have not yet dared you and expand your knowledge in terms of security at its best!

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